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Wellness Coaching

These one-off, 60 minute sessions with myself are perfect if you would value a dose of support but aren’t quite ready for a program and/or a larger container of support and transformation. This once off burst of support will help you feel greater clarity, confidence and calm. We will work on and discuss the current situation you are wanting to work on such as personal emotions relating to family. If you are open to continuing your journey of self-care, I would love to support you.

One session is $100 

Three session package: $250 

**Post retreat day special: Hit Get in Touch now, to book in before this Friday 1st November and receive 1x complimentary follow-up session, complimentary (that's 2 for the price of 1). 

Starting on Monday 11th November, this is a gentle yet deeply transformational, 6 week group coaching program for women who want to reduce stress, sleep better, quit smoking, make exercising a habit and develop emotional independence.


you can’t find the motivation to maintain a healthy exercise regime

you have tried to (and sincerely want to!) quit smoking, but just fall off the wagon every time

you feel stressed, exhausted and on the verge of burnout

you are waking up at 3-4 am and can’t go back to sleep because your brain won’t switch off

you experience anxiety on a regular basis over seemingly minor issues

As a reminder I am a third year Naturopath-in-Training and Wellness Coach. I am a successful ex-smoker of 24 years, and have also experienced and overcome ‘burnout’ caused through stress and anxiety myself. It is for these reasons that I understand where you are, and it is my heart-felt desire and mission to help you change that over the next 6 weeks. 

Imagine in 6 weeks time - its the end of 2019 and you have quit smoking, developed an exercise routine you love and are feeling less anxious and more happy every day. And where will you be in 6 weeks if you don't do anything about it?


  • have given up smoking for good, 

  • enjoy a regular exercise regime, 

  • feel rested and refreshed with a sense of balance, calm, inner strength, contentment, 

  • increased self-awareness and 

  • increased emotional independence


  • Weekly group coaching calls - to receive the support & feedback of like-hearted women who are facing similar issues 

  • Resources (information sheets and worksheets) to facilitate clarity through self-reflection and exploration 

  • Private Facebook community - so you have the support and accountability to help you transform

  • Expert tips and advice from Anthea Alexander within the Facebook group between calls 


Week 1: Exploring personal goals - learn how to identify and explore your personal self-care goals by expressing them verbally, through journaling and reflection so that they are clear 

Week 2: Self-love and self-compassion - learn how to fall back in love with you so that you can be your own best friend

Week 3: Mindset - learn how to identify emotions including fear, overwhelm, stress, worry, anxiety, self-doubt, self-confidence and self-worth so that you can achieve your goals 

Week 4: Mindfulness and Physical Release: learn how to cultivate daily practices which allow you to take regular mental breaks so that you can restore balance, calm, inner strength and contentment 

Week 5: Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP): learn about NLP so that you can successfully support and sustain changes in habits


Week 6: Personalised Self-Care Plan: bringing it altogether by learning how to develop your own personalised self-care plan to put into practice in your daily life and to achieve your personal self-care goals

Here is what others have to say about attending a retreat. Imagine what you could be saying after 6 weeks: 

‘Thank you for inviting me to attend the wellness retreat on 4 August 2019. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the myriad of ways women achieve self-care. It facilitated my reflection on what I regarded as self-care and how that empowers me to be more resourceful and resilient.’


**Early-bird rate: Join by Wed 6th November

Payment options: 

  • One upfront payment of $600 

  • 3 fortnightly payment of $300

Standard rate: Join after Wed 6th November (must join by Sunday 10th November)

Payment options: 

  • One upfront payment of $850

  • 3 fortnightly payment of $375 

Being my first group program, the investment will never be this low again. This will be like having me as your private coach, at the rate of a group coaching program. I am here to help you transform. Are you ready?

Program commences week starting Monday 11 November 2019

Got a question about this program? Hit Get in Touch :)

If you are interested in this group program, I encourage you to book a discovery call with me as soon as possible to discuss the possibility of working together in this capacity. To book a call, hit Get in Touch with your phone number and a good time for me to call you for a chat in the next week. 

Are you serious about making changes in your life? This service is for you if you need more energy or to lose/gain/maintain your weight. Hit Get in Touch with your phone number and a good time for me to call you to chat for a complimentary Personal Wellness Evaluation with me