Fall In Love With You

Fall In Love With You is a gentle yet deeply transformational 3-month self-love coaching program for women who want to develop self-compassion, forgiveness and emotional independence, so they can live a life of calm, confidence and serenity.



  • Extra hard on yourself with loud negative self-talk

  • Experience difficulties forgiving events, other people and yourself 

  • Relying on validation from the outside world, to feel worthy 

  • Anxious to people please 

  • Feeling emotionally exhausted from the stress of certain events and people in your life


If you have or are currently experiencing a challenging circumstance or time in your life, such as the loss of a loved one through death or separation, loss of a job or loss of abilities through an illness or accident, I understand and have created this program for you. 




I am a third year Naturopath-in-Training who has experienced significant grief and loss including the loss of my husband, father and mother since 2013. I have also experienced the loss of ability involved through chronic pain. It is for these reasons that I understand where you are, and it is my heart-felt desire and mission to help you change that over the next 3 months. 




When you have:

  • Greater self-compassion so you can experience greater calm & serenity in every day

  • Begun the journey to forgive yourself and others for any hurt or pressure 

  • A toolkit to strengthen your ability to self-validate so you feel worthy regardless of what's happening in the external world. 

  • A deep sense of confidence to make decisions that feel right for you. 


...So you can experience greater calm, confidence & serenity every day. 


If you are ready for all of this and ready to make it your reality, this program is for you. 


  • 10 x coaching calls - to receive my dedicated support & intuitive guidance

  • Telegram access - so you have the support and accountability to help you transform

  • Resources & workbooks - to facilitate clarity through self-reflection and exploration


During your 3 month program we will cover a range of topics, personalised to you, your challenges and desires so that you get the support you need to create your life of calm and serenity.


Examples include: 


  1. Exploring personal goals - learn how to identify and explore your personal self-care goals through journaling and reflection so that they are crystal clear 

  2. Self-love and self-compassion - learn how to fall back in love with you so that you can be your own best friend

  3. Mastering your mindset - learn how to self-reflect and identify emotions so that you can self-manage them through personal practices achieve your goals 

  4. Self-managing your emotions - learn how to cultivate daily practices such as journaling, meditation, neuro-linguistic programming, self-hypnosis and physical release which allow you to take regular mental breaks so that you can restore balance, calm, inner strength and contentment

  5. Personalised Self-Care Plan - bringing it altogether by learning how to develop your own personalised self-care plan to put into practice in your daily life and to achieve your personal self-care goals




'I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the myriad of ways women achieve self-care. It facilitated my reflection on what I regarded as self-care and how that empowers me to be more resourceful and resilient.’ - Ozlem Susler


‘Very healing and nurturing environment of gentle energy. Thank you Anthea!’ - Alexandra Dennis




How much would you be willing to pay to finally have the self confidence, compassion and forgiveness within yourself to feel calm & serenity each and every day? 


And what would it be worth to you to no longer feel anxious to please, emotionally exhausted or so hard on yourself?

The investment for this program is $2000 AUD*. 

*Personalised payment plans are also available - please contact me for details. 


If you keep waiting for the right time, it will never come. Your time is NOW.



Note: The purpose of this call is purely a discovery. An opportunity for you to get to know me, and for me to discover where you are at and the support you need. If I am confident that this program is a fit for you, you will be invited to work together. 


Finally - if you would value a “try before you buy” type session because this program feels like a big investment or commitment, I invite you to book in a one-off self care session here. While one-off self care sessions are not the container of support that facilitate the true transformation that this program does, they are great for a quick breakthrough to get you over your most immediate hurdle.