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Healing for Healers

Healing for Healers 2.0 has been lovingly crafted for Female Health and Wellness Professionals. This 8 week program will support you on your journey of emotional growth so that you can show up more wholly in all areas of life.




  • Drained from other people’s emotions and energies

  • Disconnected from your authentic self 

  • A lack of support

If yes, this program is for you! 



I am an Emotional Wellbeing Mentor and Naturopath-in-Training.

A highly spiritual soul and innate healer, I have been supporting

women who facilitate healing for others my entire life starting with

supporting my late Mum who was a midwife. I have been navigating

my way along my own emotional healing journey since 2006 when I

was stopped in my tracks by inexplicable, disabling nerve pain

(which I now believe was caused through suppressing my emotions).

In 2013, I embraced the spiritual path of Islam following the tragic loss of my husband who died of suicide following his extended battle with depression. More recently, I have focused on facilitating the healing of my mindset and unresolved emotions within a framework of gentleness, support, love, compassion and forgiveness. 


When you have:

  • Greater energy and confidence in all of your relationships

  • Reconnected with your authentic self 

  • Formidable support to achieve your desired goals 










  • 16 x 1:1 coaching calls - to receive my dedicated support, intuitive guidance and where I will hold sacred space for you as you do for others

  • Voice and text access - so you have the support and accountability to transform between calls

  • Resources and guided self-study - to facilitate clarity and a-ha moments galore through self-reflection and exploration


  • Compressed healing period from 12 weeks to 8 weeks because shifts are happening so quickly at this timing

  • Intensive at 2 calls per week instead of 1 for potent and rapid awakenings

  • Telegram access for support between calls

  • My highly focused attention, skills, mentorship, life experience and intuitive guidance to support you to achieve your desired outcomes


During your 8 week program we will cover topics, personalised to you, your challenges and desires so that you receive the support you require on your journey of emotional growth.

Examples include:

1. Healthy Boundaries - this topic is beneficial if you are

feeling drained/exhausted from taking onboard other

people’s emotions and energies and want to walk away

feeling a sense of confidence knowing you are consciously

practicing healthy boundaries

2. Self-love and self-compassion - learn how to reconnect

with your authentic self so that you can be in touch

with your instincts and guided by your heart and soul

3. Mastering your mindset - learn how to self-reflect and

identify emotions so that you can self-manage them through

personal practices to achieve your goals 

4. Self-managing your emotions - learn how to cultivate daily practices such as journaling, meditation, neuro-linguistic programming, self-hypnosis and physical release to allow you to take regular mental breaks so that you can restore balance, calm, inner strength and contentment

5. Personalised Support Plan - bringing it altogether by formalising your own support plan to put into practice to achieve your identified goals


'I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the myriad of ways women achieve self-care. It facilitated my reflection on what I regarded as self-care and how that empowers me to be more resourceful and resilient.’ Ozlem Susler


'I have been to one of Anthea’s group discovery session (8-12 people) during a weekend and it was a great experience. After the session, I felt refreshed, relaxed, and more connected with my inner self. Through the 2-hour session, I was able to connect and share with other ladies in the group about life experiences, thoughts, and feelings. Anthea is all kinds of wonderful, she is remarkable in helping with relaxation and healing, as well as leading the discussion to assist you with a self-discovery journey.’ Hanna Geng

Anthea is an amazing, amazing woman. She is very receptive, intuitive and a really fast learner. Her warm heart welcomes every human being, feeling loved and nurtured. There is a really strong nurturing energy and compassion in her presence. I recommend people to choose her as their coach and mentor.’ Qarnayni Sitta


As a Female Health and Wellness Professional, you

are often holding space for others.

But who is holding space for you? Healers need

Healers too. And the best part is, the more support

and space you have to do your own inner work, the

better you will be able to show up for your clients,

and in your personal life.


The investment details will be shared if you are invited to work with me within my program. If you're ready to feel supported, energised and connected to your highest self, so that you can show up as the Healer that you are and more wholly in all areas of your life, let's speak and see if this program is a fit for you. Schedule a call with me via the button below

Note: The purpose of this call is purely a discovery. An opportunity for you to get to know me, and for me to discover where you are at and the support you would benefit from. If I am confident that this program is a fit for you, you will be invited to work together. Finally - if you would value a smaller scale program because this program

feels like a big investment or commitment, I invite you to ask me

about my 4 week Healing for Healers Program. While the

4 week program is not the container of support that facilitates

the true transformation that the 8 week program does, it will allow

you to start to express yourself and your innermost feelings while

held in a safe and sacred space where you will not be judged and

you will be treated with the utmost compassion and respect

and start to practice treating yourself in the same way.

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Image by Austin Schmid
Image by Katherine Hanlon