"Thank you for inviting me to attend the wellness retreat on 4 August 2019. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the myriad of ways women achieve self-care. It facilitated my reflection on what I regarded as self-care and how that empowers me to be more resourceful and resilient." -Ozlem Susler

"Very healing and nurturing environment of gentle energy. Beautiful event, thank you Anthea!"-Alexandra Dennis

"A beautiful space to reflect, relax and collaborate with sisters."-Samar Mina

"Anthea's caring and empathic presence is perfect for leading these masterclasses!  I find it difficult to make enough time in my schedule for the self-care that I need and so I always look forward to Anthea’s seminars because I know I will feel rejuvenated, grounded and supported. Our wellbeing is so important to maintain, without it we can’t give the best of ourselves to others, making Anthea’s care so relevant to all. I can’t thank Anthea enough for her dedicated work to benefit our community. Thank you again Anthea, bless you."-Rebecca Wade

"I have been to one of Anthea’s group discovery session (8-12 people) during a weekend and it was a great experience. After the session, I felt refreshed, relaxed, and more connected with my inner self. Through the 2-hour session, I was able to connect and share with other ladies in the group about life experiences, thoughts, and feelings. Anthea is all kinds of wonderful, she is remarkable in helping with relaxation and healing, as well as leading the discussion to assist you with a self-discovery journey."-Hanna Geng

"Anthea is an amazing, amazing woman. She is very receptive, intuitive and a really fast learner. Her warm heart welcomes every human being, feeling loved and nurtured. There is a really strong nurturing energy and compassion in her presence. I recommend people to choose her as their coach and mentor."-Qarnayni Sitta

"Anthea is an excellent person. A highly skilled and dedicated teacher, coach and mentor, Anthea is very willing to share her experiences and knowledge to help people by motivating and inspiring them."-Mohamed Sifan

"To have Anthea in your life is a gift. In coaching Anthea to build her heart-centred business I have had the honour of seeing how she shows up with intention, grace and authenticity as she shares her wisdom and mentors other women. Anthea has a beautiful calming energy (but don't be mistaken, she's got a playful and joyous side too!). Those who step up to work with Anthea can expect a beautiful container to soften, strengthen and grow within. Nothing short of a transformational experience."-Carly Taber