The Anthea Alexander Story

Greetings of peace and welcome,

Are you feeling:

  • Drained?

  • Disconnected?

  • A lack of support?

As someone who holds space for others, you give a lot of yourself but who is holding space for you?

That is where I come in... working with women who are healers to guide them on their journey of emotional growth so that they can show up more wholly in all areas of life.

As a result of working together, my clients achieve:


  • Greater energy & confidence

  • Starting a in-depth journey of self-discovery & self-awareness

  • A formidable support team headed up by you  

I understand and here is why…

Raised as a Catholic, I was innately spiritual & connected to nature. I loved to attend church, praying & singing in the choir. From an early age, I supported my mother who would share her emotions following her night shift as a midwife in the maternity ward. I matured fast when my Dad experienced an Acquired Brain Injury following a work accident. In my late teens, I started to question some of my core beliefs. It was at this time that I also started to explore metaphysical themes including dream interpretation & meditation. In 2006, I experienced inexplicable debilitating chronic nerve pain which led me to pursue a path of alternative healing to support myself & others. In 2008, my husband Harvey was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer. He underwent treatment successfully. I qualified and practiced as an Intuitive ever exploring and expanding my spiritual beliefs & learning about other faiths. In Feb 2013, Harvey died by suicide following a battle with depression. At this time, I was called to Islam & learned about the practical aspects of following this faith. In May 2013, I accepted Islam in front of 4 beautiful women who cried tears of joy. Islam softens & heals my heart with inner peace & contentment. I know about grief & loss, having also lost my father, mother & 2 close family friends since 2015. I also know about social isolation through my experiences of chronic pain and living by myself including during extended periods of lockdown in Melbourne due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A Senior student of Naturopathy, it is my intention to practice in 2022.        

To hear a fuller version of my journey including how & why I converted to Islam, see my video here

If you feel I can help you to develop your emotional resilience, apply for a complimentary clarity call here

This is a true discovery call so that we can both get clear about whether I can help you. If I decide it is a fit, I’ll let you know which of my programs may best benefit you.